Temperament Therapy

Temperament Therapy

What is Temperament?

Temperament is the inborn (non-genetic) part of a person that determines how they react to people, places, and things. In short, it is how people interact with their environment and the world around them.

Temperament pinpoints our perception of ourselves and the people who love us. It is also a determining factor in how well we handle the stresses and pressures of life.

Similarly to how a doctor takes an x-ray to better understand what is going on internally, Temperament Testing helps the counselor see beyond your personality and character and allows them to see your individual core needs.

Temperament Therapy focuses on meeting internal needs to reduce stress, brings understanding in times of relational conflict, and provides self-awareness. When we understand ourselves best, then we have an advantage to heal and make decisions that are best for ourselves individually.

Temperament Package

We also offer a Temperament Package for those who are interested in solely taking a Temperament Test, followed by one session to review results. This can be a beneficial service for those who seek to understand more about themselves and the way they are naturally wired, without the commitment of further counseling. Those who receive this service are more than welcome to continue with counseling services later on.